Send Him A Friend: Anders Osborne’s Road To Sobriety

"We are still very much at the birth of this, and trying to listen to as many people as possible, with a lot more experience than me, to get it just right. The idea is that when you get out of rehab and start the process of sobriety in any way, shape or form—you’re trying not to get loaded anymore, but you’re struggling with being able to go back to work. So you’re a musician, sound engineer, a roadie, a dancer, whatever. We’re trying to provide a databank or a source, with lots of people we’re calling the friends, so someone can be with you during the performance part. We’re having a hotline they can call, and they can use it when they set up tours. If you’re playing a gig on Bourbon Street, or you’re a lighting guy in Columbus, Ohio, you can call this number."

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