Anders Osborne’s Send Me a Friend helps struggling addicts in the music industry

Anders Osborne, who will perform with guitarist Luther Dickinson at O.P. Rockwell on Aug. 2, nearly lost his family, home and career to his addiction nearly a decade ago.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist, who was named Entertainer of the Year by the Big Easy Music Awards and has won 21 Best of the Beat Awards, was in the depths of substance addiction when friends stepped in and sent him to rehab.

"Eventually I 'got it,' and started to work hard to change my habits and thinking to stay clean," said Osborne, who has been sober for nearly nine years.

"Send Me a Friend is based on something that became clear to me in my early days of recovery from drugs and alcohol," Osborne said. "I realized that the difficult part was to get back to work, because as a musician, you usually play in nightclubs and bars and theaters that serve alcohol. That environment is conducive to relapse."

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