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Send Me A Friend’s mission is to support musicians and creative professionals who face unique challenges while in early recovery and on the road to a new way of life. Starting as a network of sober “Friends” that are on call to come to a gig and offer a helping hand and source of support, SMAF now has over 1,500 volunteers throughout the country.

In 2018, SMAF opened its office in New Orleans at Imagine Recovery (728 Nashville Ave), where they now host monthly “Lifeshops,” gatherings curated by SMAF co-founder Anders Osborne, that connect creative and mental health professionals with the local recovery community.

Send Me A Friend & Imagine Recovery are excited to launch this new series of events where creative sober people can come together to share ideas, inspiration, and learn new tools to stay creative, happy and connected. The events are free (RSVP required) thanks to a generous donation from the Gia Maione Prima Foundation.


RSVP required | Songwriting led by Anders Osborne & August Boyd, LCSW


RSVP available on 9/20/18 | Meditation + Mindfulness Tools led by Stephanie Osborne, Meditate New Orleans


RSVP available on 10/1/18 | How To Begin Your Journey In Sobriety As a Musician, A Conversation with Ivan Neville & Harold Owens, MusicCares


RSVP available 11/1/18 | Yoga and Meditation for Musicians with Recovery 2.0


Send Me A Friend is a project of Positive Vibrations Foundation, a non-profit private operating foundation formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as defined by IRS section 501(c)(3).

Positive Vibrations Foundation, a private operating foundation, conducts programs that promote and advance the arts, music, culture, and heritage, including public music events, providing instruments and resources to artists in need, educational music and arts camps, monumental projects, and employing musicians and culture bearers to perform at community events.

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